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The Science Butler Offers Advantages Other Tutors Can't

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Classroom Instructor

First-hand knowledge of the material covered in today's classes.

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Student Learning Styles

Experienced in recognizing and catering to all learning styles.

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Specialist in creating engaging and effective lessons.

Meet Heather Butler - Science Tutor

With more than 12 years of classroom experience teaching science!

Heather has taught science at

  • Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
  • Vines High School in the Plano ISD
  • East Central High School
  • Alamo Heights High School
  • Infinity Christian Academy
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Heather Butler
Elementary student learning chemistry skills
College student experiencing biology lab
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Tutoring Subjects
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
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Grade Levels
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College (Undergraduate)
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Heather offers online tutoring. No need to pack up the car, fight traffic there and back, or wait in the car. It all happens on your touchscreen device, wherever you are.

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All materials for tutoring and lab sessions are provided by Heather. This includes supplies, equipment, and other necessary items.

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Monthly Rates

  • Average of 4 weekly sessions - $340
  • Addition sessions - $85/hour or $45/half hour

December Rates

  • $255 per student for the month
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Score Better in Science -
Heather Will . . .
  • Explain and reinforce material covered in class
  • Review challenging topics from previous grades
  • Prep for difficult topics covered in the next grade
  • Test prep and placement prep
  • Keep interest in science at its peak
High school student atop stack of educational and academic books

Learning Science From Heather Butler

Student Experiences

Ms. Butler introduced the quite difficult material in a way that always kept me interested and striving to do better! She was always willing to work with me when I was struggling and never gave up on me. I am so grateful to have had her as a teacher.

Ben Seger Ben Seger Student

I was in Ms. Butler’s freshman Biology class and, although math and science are not my strongest subjects, I felt as though I learned a lot and was able to succeed. I owe this to her incredible patience and amazing teaching skills. If you have a hard time understanding any topic, Ms. Butler will make sure to fully explain it to you in a way in which you can comprehend it. Also, she makes the best jokes which makes the experience really fun!

Jackson Hedgepeth Jacqueline Davis Student

I learned so much from Ms. Butler AKA the best teacher a student could ask for. She inspired a love of science in me that I didn’t even know existed. She is kind, funny, smart, and caring. She gives so much individual attention that she feels more like a friend than a teacher. Being placed in her class was one of the most beneficial things of my high school career.

Jackson Hedgepeth Jackson Hedgepeth Student

Ms. Butler was able to challenge and intrigue me throughout my year as her student and provided amazing help and support along the way. In addition, her positive attitude and kindness made her easy to learn from and easily one of my favorite teachers!

Jack Seger Jack Seger Student

Ms. Butler always encouraged me to do my best in her class. She was always there to help me when I was confused with material or needed extra help. Her patience and understanding made learning in her class more pleasant and enjoyable, while also providing great knowledge. I would come in for lunch tutoring and Ms. Butler would always be there to explain the material to me. She was always able help me understand the things that confused me the most as if they were the simplest things I've ever heard. She is a great teacher who truly cares about her students learning and takes the time to make sure they succeed.

Pearl Wilson Pearl Wilson Student

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